Recycled Mats
Recycled Mats lobby floor mats
Nowadays recycling, which produces recycled mats, is a very important part of society, this involves the reuse of items and objects of many types that would otherwise be discarded to be transformed in numerous different useful elements in order to help and contribute with the environment. Trash will unfortunately damage the planet, that is why […]
EcoGuard Recycled Mats
lobby floor mats
The EcoGuard Floor Mats carpet thread is spun from recycled plastic. Made from 99.9% post consumer recycled material, this plastic mat is the most eco-friendly and ecologically responsible plastic floor mat ever.
  • Plush 24 oz. fibers for better absorbency
  • Tapered edge reduces trips and falls
  • Bi-level construction of floor mats traps dirt below surface
  • Durable crumb rubber backing is wear-resistant.
What are some of the Best Outdoor Entrance Mats?
logo Vynil mat for stores
An outdoor mat is a very useful product to have. It will be the very first thing that a person finds as they arrive to your doorstep so it can serve to welcome people to your home or business.  If you put a logo on your outdoor entrance mat it can be a way to […]
High Quality Rubber Floor Mats
rubber floor mats
  Recycled rubber floor mats are very functional and they provide a lot of benefits when it comes to saving the environment and saving money as well. There are a lot of advantages when you choose to purchase rubber for your mat as an option to protect your floor. Nowadays many business are selecting recycled […]
Sitemap Printed Mats
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Business floor mats
Entrance floor Mats for offices and Business
  Almost every type of business establishment has at their main door an entrance mats. This product is necessary to keep a clean environment and also to provide safety to clients and workers. If outside there is a rainy or snowy weather or if shoes are dirty, entrance mats will be the ideal solution to […]
Entrance Floor Mats
Our Entrance Floor Mats has raised rubber nubs to deeply scrap the dirt of your shoes.
  • Entrance mats made from approximately 50% recycled rubber
  • Dirt and water are held in reservoir
  • 100% Rubber construction for maximum durability
  • Removes moisture and heavy debris from shoes
Door Mats
With an optional circle cut, these door mats are the perfect choice for hotels and restaurants.
  • Surface is made from 100% recycled PET
  • Rubber backing is made with up to 20% recycled tires
  • Raised nubs hold dirt and moisture below foot level and are resistant to crushing
  • Choose among 7 different colors
Office Entrance Mats
Entrance floor Mats for offices and Business
These Office Mats are perfect for commercial branches, and they are ellegant and cosie as well.
  • Water dam border that can hold up to 1.5 gallons/square yard of water
  • Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber
  • Dries quickly and provides a slip-resistant surface even when wet
  • Choose among 4 different colors
Scraper Mats
Scraper mats are the best way to scrap the dirt out of your shoe soles.
  • Textured backing keeps rubber mats in place
  • Beveled edges for additional safety and prevention of slips and falls
  • Rubber Mats made from approximately 50% recycled rubber
  • Cleated surface scrapes shoes clean